Demos and Presentations

(Spanish) Ciencia de Datos en Spark Usando R y sparklyr

Demonstracion y presentacion de como implementar sparklyr en un Lago de Datos, fue impartido durante el Data Day Mexico en Marzo del 2017.

Presentacion- Spark usando R y sparklyr

R Notebook - sparklyr - R Notebook

sparklr - An R Interface for Apache Spark

Demo and presentation of sparklyr on a YARN managed cluster by Edgar Ruiz at the 2017 Strata+Hadoop in San Jose, CA.

Link to presentation deck - RStudio sparklyr Strata Hadoop

Link to demo Notebook - sparklyr - R Notebook

R & Spark - How to Analyze Data Using sparklyr

Demo and presentation by Nathan Stephen at the 2017 Spark Summit

Analyzing Hadoop Data Using sparklyr

Source code of the examples used in the web demo showing how to use spaklyr to analyze 1.1 Billion records using sparklyr and Cloudera.

Link to the video at - Analyzing Hadoop with sparklyr

R and Spark


Video and materials of Javier Luraschi’s presentation delivered during the RStudio Conference 2017. It shows how to sample 1 trillion pages using sparklyr to answer the question: What is the most used keyword or library in the web?

Link to the Presentation Deck - R and Spark

Link to the RPubs article - Analyzing 4 Billions of Tags with R and Spark

Blog Posts

sparklyr 0.5

Announcement regarding the release of sparklyr 0.5 into CRAN. This article expands on the newest features in sparklyr.

How-to: Automate Your sparklyr Environment with Cloudera Director

Post in the Cloudera Engineering Blog that shows how to automate a sparklyr environment on AWS using Cloudera Director

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