Save / Load a Spark ML Model Fit

Save / load a ml_model fit.

ml_load(sc, file, meta = ml_load_meta(file))

ml_save(model, file, meta = ml_save_meta(model, file))



A spark_connection.


The path where the Spark model should be serialized / deserialized.


The path where the R metadata should be serialized / deserialized. Currently, this must be a local filesystem path. Alternatively, this can be an R function that saves / loads the metadata object.


A ml_model fit.


These functions are currently experimental and not yet ready for production use. Unfortunately, the training summary information for regression fits (linear, logistic, generalized) are currently not serialized as part of the model fit, and so model fits recovered through ml_load will not work with e.g. fitted, residuals, and so on. Such fits should still be suitable for generating predictions with new data, however.