Category: Announcement

sparklyr 0.9

We are excited to share that sparklyr 0.9 is now available on CRAN! Spark Stream integration, Job Monitoring and support for Kubernetes

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Graph Analysis using the graphframes package

We are very excited to announce that the graphframes package is now on CRAN! What does graphframes do? It adds support for GraphFrames which aims to provide the functionality of GraphX. Perform graph algorithms like: PageRank, ShortestPaths and many others. Designed to work with sparklyr and the sparklyr extensions. New article A new article has been added to the site that walk through how to get started with Graph Analysis inside Spark: R interface for GraphFrames

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New ML Pipelines Article

A new article is now available to provide further background and guidance on how to use and implement ML Pipelines via sparklyr: Spark ML Pipelines

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sparklyr 0.7

We are excited to share that sparklyr 0.7 is now available on CRAN!

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