Copy an R Data Frame to Spark


Copy an R data.frame to Spark, and return a reference to the generated Spark DataFrame as a tbl_spark. The returned object will act as a dplyr-compatible interface to the underlying Spark table.


copy_tospark_connection( dest, df, name = spark_table_name(substitute(df)), overwrite = FALSE, memory = TRUE, repartition = 0L, … )


Argument Description
dest A spark_connection.
df An data.frame.
name The name to assign to the copied table in Spark.
overwrite Boolean; overwrite a pre-existing table with the name name if one already exists?
memory Boolean; should the table be cached into memory?
repartition The number of partitions to use when distributing the table across the Spark cluster. The default (0) can be used to avoid partitioning.
Optional arguments; currently unused.


A tbl_spark, representing a dplyr-compatible interface to a Spark DataFrame.