Compile Scala sources into a Java Archive




Given a set of scala source files, compile them into a Java Archive (jar).


  spark_home = NULL, 
  filter = NULL, 
  scalac = NULL, 
  jar = NULL, 
  jar_dep = NULL, 
  embedded_srcs = "embedded_sources.R" 


Arguments Description
spark_home The path to the Spark sources to be used alongside compilation.
filter An optional function, used to filter out discovered scala
files during compilation. This can be used to ensure that e.g. certain files are only compiled with certain versions of Spark, and so on.
scalac The path to the scalac program to be used, for compilation of scala files.
jar The path to the jar program to be used, for generating of the resulting jar.
jar_dep An optional list of additional jar dependencies.
embedded_srcs Embedded source file(s) under <R package root>/java to be included in the root of the resulting jar file as resources
name The name to assign to the target jar.