Define a Spark dependency


Define a Spark dependency consisting of a set of custom JARs, Spark packages, and customized dbplyr SQL translation env.


  jars = NULL,
  packages = NULL,
  initializer = NULL,
  catalog = NULL,
  repositories = NULL,
  dbplyr_sql_variant = NULL,


Argument Description
jars Character vector of full paths to JAR files.
packages Character vector of Spark packages names.
initializer Optional callback function called when initializing a connection.
catalog Optional location where extension JAR files can be downloaded for Livy.
repositories Character vector of Spark package repositories.
dbplyr_sql_variant Customization of dbplyr SQL translation env. Must be a named list of the following form: list( scalar = list(scalar_fn1 = …, scalar_fn2 = …, ), aggregate = list(agg_fn1 = …, agg_fn2 = …, ), window = list(wnd_fn1 = …, wnd_fn2 = …, ) ) See sql_variant for details.
Additional optional arguments.


An object of type spark_dependency