Generate Test Stream


Generates a local test stream, useful when testing streams locally.


  df = rep(1:1000),
  path = "source",
  distribution = floor(10 + 1e+05 * stats::dbinom(1:20, 20, 0.5)),
  iterations = 50,
  interval = 1


Argument Description
df The data frame used as a source of rows to the stream, will be cast to data frame if needed. Defaults to a sequence of one thousand entries.
path Path to save stream of files to, defaults to "source".
distribution The distribution of rows to use over each iteration, defaults to a binomial distribution. The stream will cycle through the distribution if needed.
iterations Number of iterations to execute before stopping, defaults to fifty.
interval The inverval in seconds use to write the stream, defaults to one second.


This function requires the callr package to be installed.