Read Socket Stream


Reads a Socket stream as a Spark dataframe stream.


stream_read_socket(sc, name = NULL, columns = NULL, options = list(), ...)


Argument Description
sc A spark_connection.
name The name to assign to the newly generated stream.
columns A vector of column names or a named vector of column types. If specified, the elements can be "binary" for BinaryType, "boolean" for BooleanType, "byte" for ByteType, "integer" for IntegerType, "integer64" for LongType, "double" for DoubleType, "character" for StringType, "timestamp" for TimestampType and "date" for DateType.
options A list of strings with additional options.
Optional arguments; currently unused.


sc <- spark_connect(master = "local")

# Start socket server from terminal, example: nc -lk 9999
stream <- stream_read_socket(sc, options = list(host = "localhost", port = 9999))

See Also

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