Applies a custom comparator function to sort an array (this is essentially a dplyr wrapper to the `array_sort(expr, func)` higher- order function, which is supported since Spark 3.0)

hof_array_sort(x, func, expr = NULL, dest_col = NULL, ...)



The Spark data frame to be processed


The comparator function to apply (it should take 2 array elements as arguments and return an integer, with a return value of -1 indicating the first element is less than the second, 0 indicating equality, or 1 indicating the first element is greater than the second)


The array being sorted, could be any SQL expression evaluating to an array (default: the last column of the Spark data frame)


Column to store the sorted result (default: expr)


Additional params to dplyr::mutate


if (FALSE) { library(sparklyr) sc <- spark_connect(master = "local", version = "3.0.0") copy_to( sc, tibble::tibble( # x contains 2 arrays each having elements in ascending order x = list(1:5, 6:10) ) ) %>% # now each array from x gets sorted in descending order hof_array_sort(~ as.integer(sign(.y - .x))) }